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Do you need root canal treatment and do not know where to go? Fort York Dentist is a trusted place to experience a pain-free dental process in downtown Toronto. Besides, same-day appointments and free consultations are available in our clinic. Easily π’‚π’„π’„π’†π’”π’”π’Šπ’ƒπ’π’† π’ƒπ’š 𝑻𝑻π‘ͺ.
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Root Canal Therapy Downtown Toronto

Are you afraid of root canal therapy? A root canal is nothing to be worried about. It is, however, a vital process in saving your tooth! Our dedicated and experienced dental specialists at Fort York Dentist utilize advanced dentistry tools integrated with enough knowledge to perform pain-free root canal therapy in downtown Toronto and the area around.

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When a root structure of your tooth is damaged due to trauma or significant decay, our root canal therapy specialists in Toronto at Fort York Dentist will come to your aid to end the resulted pain and further issues as soon as possible.

Here in our clinic, Dr. Hosseini and her team’s passion is to save your tooth from dying. As a Toronto resident, if you are looking for an experienced, dedicated root canal specialist, contact us right now at (647) 346-8888. Consult one of our dental team to determine the most suitable treatment considering the influential factors.

Our top Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a type of emergency dental process. It can be done by a general dentist. But in some severe cases, it needs a lot of experience and expertise. Then you should visit a professional endodontist. When you undergo our root canal treatment in downtown Toronto, our professionally trained endodontists will take advantage of needed dentistry tools to remove the infected pulp and then clean the inside of the tooth carefully.

You may experience slight pain. If you are feeling too much pain, local anesthesia or even sedation dentistry may be applied to make you relaxed and comfortable. The following process of our Toronto root canal therapy is to fill and seal the tooth with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. Afterward, the tooth is restored with a crown or dental filling for protection and finally will function like any other tooth. As with all treatments we provide here at Fort York Dentist, our Toronto endodontists will ensure your complete comfort and understanding. In most cases, your root canal operation can be completed in one visit. Dr. Hosseini and her professionally trained team have extensive experience on their back in endodontics. So contact our dental office to learn more about how their expertise can help you.

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Benefits of Our Root Canal Treatment

As mentioned above, the most crucial goal of our downtown Toronto endodontics is to save the tooth from death. When your tooth is almost dead, and there is no way to keep it, the only way is to go for tooth extraction. Then if you do not go through cosmetic tooth replacement options such as dentures or dental implants, it can affect the density of your jawbone and the health of your surrounding teeth. So it is best to save the tooth if possible. It is not all. When you ignore an inflamed or infected tooth pulp after it progresses, you will feel tooth sensitivity, severe pain, and abscess formation.

All these mentioned problems can be easily treated with our advanced downtown Toronto endodontics. So, generally speaking, the root canal treatment we perform for our valued patients at Fort York Dentist can at first avoid losing your natural teeth and eliminate all infections, caries, and decays from your damaged tooth. You will also get rid of the awful pain you had before.

If you want to save your natural tooth and maintain the health of the surrounding teeth, contact our dentists performing root canal therapy in downtown Toronto.

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