Professional TMJ Treatment in Downtown Toronto

Do you have problems with your TMJ? Visit us at Fort York Dentist. Here in our clinic, we help people living in downtown Toronto get rid of this problem. We try our best to provide professional TMJ treatment in downtown Toronto. Besides, free consultations are available, along with Same-day appointments. Easily π’‚π’„π’„π’†π’”π’”π’Šπ’ƒπ’π’† π’ƒπ’š 𝑻𝑻π‘ͺ. Give us a phone call at 647-371-1988 or fill out the form below:

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TMJ Treatment Downtown Toronto

Are you sad about your tired-looking smile? Are you told that you should go for TMJ treatment? Look no further than Fort York Dentist to get a professional TMJ treatment in downtown Toronto. Dr. Hosseini and her experienced team are pioneers in supplying a great scope of TMJ treatments in downtown Toronto. TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint. It is a joint in your jaw enabling you open and close your mouth, chew and swallow food comfortably, and speak fluently. Nowadays, the number of people suffering from a disorder in your jaw’s temporomandibular joints is countless. And as a modern dental clinic with dedicated, experienced dental specialists, Fort York Dentist takes pride in restoring patients’ great smiles and satisfaction by removing minor to severe TMJ disorders. Our dental team believes this oral issue is considered a kind of emergency problem that should be treated as fast as possible. In other words, if you have difficulties or pain while chewing food, swallowing, yawning, and talking, or if you are challenged with continuous symptoms like permanent headaches, earaches, popping sounds, and ringing in the ears, you are prone to have TMJ disorders; and should go for getting the TMJ treatment. The team working at Fort York Dentist, with years of experience and expertise on their backs, takes pride in providing advanced TMJ treatment in downtown Toronto and the area around. If you are suspected of getting involved with this issue, call us right now with no hesitation.

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What Are TMJ Disorders?

The TM joints are a wide range of muscles, ligaments, and bones working together as a unified system. This is actually a complex system in our body, and according to dental specialists in Fort York Dentist performing TMJ treatment in downtown Toronto, there are many reasons triggering TMJ disorder. Sometimes a simple trauma to your face, a bad posture, or an uneven bite can lead to this disorder. Usually, more patients suffering from severely misaligned teeth, a large number of missing teeth, or too short back teeth are good candidates to get our professional TMJ treatment in Toronto. When this position is prolonged, the body begins to engage the muscles in other areas such as our neck, ears, throat, back, and even arms. Getting rid of these problems needs the help of sophisticated cosmetic dentists and oral surgeons. As a well-known dental clinic, Fort York Dentist can claim to have such a dental team offering Toronto TMJ treatments beyond your expectations. Our dedicated and knowledgeable dental specialists try their best to relieve your symptoms and restore your teeth, gums, and jawbones’ optimum function. Do not worry about the process. If you are stressed a lot, we use our sedation dentistry to help you stay calm and relaxed during the process.

The Process of TMJ treatment at Fort York Dentist

Our professional TMJ treatment in downtown Toronto is tailored to each individual’s needs. Our dental specialists will firt ask you to go through our advanced digital X-rays. Then, they start with a suitable treatment approach, and anytime needed, we change or modify treatments until our patient recovers. Dr. Hosseini and her team have had considerable success with successful TMJ treatments in Toronto and the neighborhood. Here in our clinic, we utilize vibration analysis of the TMJ to precisely measure the intensity and frequency distribution of vibration waves originating from the joint during jaw motion. And then, we go through our downtown Toronto TMJ treatment to bring you a healthy system of gums, jawbones, and teeth.

TMJ disorder should not be ignored. Otherwise, it will continue to worsen and may lead to permanent damage. So, if you are suffering from any difficulties and symptoms we explained, visit us at Fort York Dentist as soon as possible.

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